europass+ project

Final Publication released

Online Support for Young Learners

The Copenhagen Process and the promotion of lifelong learning has led to growing interest at European level in the transparency of learning outcomes. In the project europass+, training experts from seven European countries are developing an online instrument to support trainees in documenting informally acquired competences.

The europass framework concept introduced in 2005 enables European citizens to make their qualifications and competences transparent throughout Europe. The principal instrument for achieving this is the europass curriculum vitae (CV) which can be linked to other europass documents such as the Language Passport, Mobility, Diploma Supplement, and Certificate Supplement. For young people who have the opportunity to take part in a mobility experience in another educational system during their education and training, accurate documentation of their competences, including those acquired informally, is important.
europass+ aims to support young people in assuring themselves of their own competences and thus, in accord with a strategic aim of European policy on vocational education and training, contributes to making learning achievements apparent, independent of where and how they were acquired.

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