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Guidelines for Trainers and Mentors for the use of the europass+-tool to fill out the europass Mobility, Section 5a

Trainers and Mentors of European Mobility projects may make use of the europass+-Tool in order to fill out Section 5a of the europass Mobility ("Description of skills and competences acquired during the europass Mobility experience").

The europass+-Tool will help the sending partner as well as the host partner of European Mobility projects - especially mentors of participants in Mobility projects -
  • to identify, to evaluate and to document the personal skills and competences, which young people have informally acquired and which are not related to specific jobs,
  • to find out the individual strengths and weaknesses in co-operation with the participants of Mobility projects,
  • to strengthen the participants’ ability to self-reflect their own skills and competences,
  • to provide a basis for the systematic development of the participants’ skills and competences and especially
  • to evaluate and to document the progress which participants’ have achieved in the development of their competences in the context of European Mobility projects.
Participants of europass Mobility projects can use the europass+-Tool to document their personal skills and competences at the beginning of the project.

People responsible in the sending organisation should offer support to this activity. They can profit from the europass+-Tool by using descriptors and examples to help to identify the participants’ personal competences.

Host partners and mentors will thereby be informed about the participant’s status quo of competences at the beginning of the Mobility project.

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